Retirees: Continue to Serve

Mentor Programs:

Numerous high schools and colleges in your area have Mentor Programs. Programs differ between schools. One program I supported required me to go to the High school twice a month to meet with the student I was mentoring. We just talked about how he was doing in school, his goals and opportunities in the Air Force. Another Mentor program I work with is 500 miles from my home so the students contact me via e-mail. This is a great opportunity to continue to represent the Air Force and make a difference in a young person’s life.


Air Force Reserve Recruiters need your help! It’s up to the Air Force Reserve Recruiter to find officers willing to conduct the enlistment ceremonies. I find it very rewarding to put the uniform on two or three times a month and conduct the ceremonies.

Creative ideas:

Visit the angling side of to see how I’m gaining more exposure for the US Air Force.

Your thoughts:

Please send me an e-mail with other ideas or to share your experiences. I’ll add them to the list here.

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