The Ambassador Challenge

Competitive fishing is OUR sport. Every time we put that tournament shirt on we represent the sport of fishing. Each one of us has the opportunity and responsibility to do all we can to leave a positive impression on those eyes on us. We are ambassadors of the sport we love.

Following are my thoughts on what it means to fulfill OUR responsibilities as ambassadors of OUR sport:


  • Do the right thing, every time, even when no one is looking
  • Be a person of your honest
  • Obey the tournament rules and report violations
  • Use the products that you promote


  • Those who support your angling career
  • Your fellow competitors
  • Your partners
  • Everyone else on the water regardless of their chosen past time
  • Your fish when culling, weigh-in, quick pictures, and release
  • Tournament officials
  • earned through your actions


  • Emphasize the positive
  • Take positive action....never complain
  • Regardless of your standing, ALWAYS attend the awards ceremony and congratulate those who did well


  • Refine your skills
  • Share your knowledge
  • Encourage others to fish
  • Encourage those with potential to compete


  • Your tournament shirt is your uniform - your actions while wearing it reflect upon yourself, your sponsors and our sport
  • Maintain a sharp personal/professional appearance
  • Keep your boat, motor, trailer looking sharp

Community Involvement; volunteer to assist organizations such as:

  • Fishing in the City for kids
  • Practice with a Pro National Registry for Vets
  • Just a few hours out of the entire year
  • It's rewarding and fun!


  • You'll earn the respect of your partners and those around you by how you deal with safety
  • Life jackets always
  • Kill switches always-Virtual Lifeline makes this a no brainer and everyone in the boat, including your pets have a kill switch on
  • Drive safe for conditions
  • Preventative maintenance will help avoid breakdowns on the road and water

Remember..... YOU are an Ambassador for our sport.... even when no one is looking.

See you on the water!